How To Win With Baseball Betting

Whether you are a fan of Major League Baseball or just interested in making some great bets, baseball betting is a great place to start. But how do you make the best of your bets and win? Below, we will cover some handy tips to help you win more of your baseball bets.


Research will always be a key factor in any sports betting. Information gathering is a skill that any good bettor will need to attain. Below we will cover a few research points which will be crucial to your success

  • History – History is the most important research factor in any sport betting. Gather as much information as you can as to how the teams have been doing not only recently, but in previous years events as well. Recent history in the form of previous games can work to your advantage when you know the team had an off game on a particular day
  • Umpires – The umpires in baseball have the final say, more so than in the majority of other sports. While it’s not ideal to place a bet on the umpire alone, it’s important to know which umpire will oversee any games you choose to bet on. Umpires are human and there will be deviation between how they make decisions, learning this deviation can greatly aid your betting at
  • Weather – Weather plays a large role in any sport. In baseball, the most important attribute of the weather to watch is the wind. Specifically, wind speed and direction. Pitchers will be greatly affected by the wind, be sure to know how different pitchers react to different conditions.


A great strategy will help you make money more consistently in the long run. A lot of different betting strategies exist like the martingale, proportional betting and flat wagering.

Each strategy comes with different advantages and disadvantages, which strategy you use will be entirely up to your betting style and preference. The key takeaway is that you should be using a betting strategy.

Betting strategies help you manage your bankroll better and keep you from making bets based on emotion that you may regret tomorrow. Betting strategies help teach us discipline, as a bettor, discipline is one of the most important skills to have.


Having bad value in your bets can turn a 70% win rate into still losing money. It’s important to know the bet you are taking, it’s also important to fully understand the odds and know where to find value. While finding value is mostly relevant to your personal bets. There is one thing that all bettors can do to ensure the best value. Bet against the public.

The majority of bettors do so out of enjoyment. When betting out of enjoyment, you can be sure that bettors will be betting on their favourite teams. Even when the favourite is bound to win, the odds will simply not be worth the potential loss. When the public bets heavily on a loved team, the underdog team almost always wins in terms of value.

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