More about Popular Roulette Betting System Options

Roulette Betting System Options

Roulette is a game of chance, but it’s also one in which betting systems can have great effect. By making use of a Roulette system you have a better chance of at least breaking even, if not winning on a more regular basis. Because the game is so popular there are a vast number of systems that have been tried and tested by players across the globe, and almost every avid Roulette enthusiast makes use of one or more of them.

2 Categories of Roulette System

There are 2 categories of Roulette system, and each one falls into one of the following:

Betting Zones:

These systems involve covering specific sections of the wheel with every bet, so that you are assured of a win. The alternative is to bet on specific numbers on the wheel, so that chances of winning are also increased.

Progressive Betting:

Most of the progressive betting systems have been around for over a century and they are defined by the amount of your next bet relying on what happened in previous bets. Progressive bets can be split into positive and negative categories, either increasing your bet after a win, or increasing it after a loss.

3 Most Popular Roulette Systems

3 Most Popular Roulette Systems

With so many different Roulette system options, its only natural that a few have emerge as favourites. These 3 are the favourites of players internationally:

Martingale System:

Considered the granddaddy of all betting systems, the Martingale system is almost as old as casinos themselves. Used by beginners and experienced players, this system works by doubling up your bet after every loss. Based on the assumption that if you double your bet after every loss, when you do win you’ll recoup all your lost wagers and still make a profit.

There is also the reverse Martingale Roulette system, which works in reverse, but the theory stays the same. This system may be used buy beginners too, but its certainly one that requires a bigger bankroll, as it could take a while to recoup the losses and you’ll have to wager an increased amount every time.

Labouchere System

Another popular Roulette system, the Labouchere method sees players select a sequence of numbers and cross them off as they are played. The sequence then expands as numbers are crossed off and new numbers are added and each bet should be the sum of the first and last numbers. It sounds complicated, but in reality all you need to do cross off the first and last numbers after each win, and when you lose you add the loss amount to the end of the number sequence. You don’t need to be good at maths, but you do need to stay sharp when implementing this Roulette system.


A straightforward betting system preferred by many, the D’Alembert system sees players work on the theory that if Bet a wins more than bet B does, then bet B is more likely to win again. After every win you’ll decrease your bet by one unit and after every loss you’ll increase your bet.

These are the 3 most popular systems but there are plenty more players to explore as they refine their game play.

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