Live & In Play Betting – Sports Betting For The 21st Century

The steady advances in technology since the early 2000s and onwards has let rise to a new and exciting form of sports betting. Before, virtually all bets took place before the start of the event. Now, bets can be dynamically made in the midst of the action, creating new, unique, and rewarding opportunities for bettors.

How Is It Possible?

These days, if a sporting event is on, and being broadcasted, then you can be sure that every major bookmakers will likely be offering a comprehensive in-play betting service for it. This is possible because virtually everything is now broadcasted over the internet, along with all the data, stats, and real-time information that the bookmaker needs in order to create and adjust the odds, and offer bets accordingly during play.

How Does It Differ To Traditional Betting?

The fundamentals of live betting are much the same as that of traditional betting. Bookmakers will still essentially offer a range of betting markets and odds based on a set of outcomes. The bettor then chooses from these bets and how much they want to stake.

The major difference comes with the “live” aspect. Live betting allows for a somewhat larger range of bets, including unique on-the-moment options, for example, betting on the next team to score in a match, or before half-time, etc.

Another major difference is that the odds will usually change during a game, according to what is happening, sometimes drastically, which can work to the benefit, or detriment, of the bettor.

Because it is happening live, there is also far less time to carefully choose and plan one’s bets, adding extra excitement, risk, and reward.

Despite their differences though, in order to be successful in either forms of betting requires much the same. Namely, a good knowledge of the sport and its trends, the bets and odds that are offered, and also how to responsibly manage one’s bankroll.

Popular Sports In Live Betting

Live betting is now offered for virtually every type of major sport, just as long as it is broadcasted and there are enough people interested in betting on it to make it worthwhile to bookmakers. Otherwise, the most common sports that people generally place live bets on around the world are:

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Horse racing
  • Boxing
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Cricket

The Benefits

Aside from the excitement factor, there are a number of benefits to live betting that have seen it rapidly increase in popularity.

The first and most notable benefit is the much larger range of bets that are available compared to traditional sports betting. For someone who knows their sport and how to utilise these bets, this adds a far greater chance of success.

The next great benefit is the ability to “hedge” your bets, i.e., offset potential losses with other bets, and lock in profits, in case things take an unexpected turn.

Much of the beneficial aspects to live betting comes with knowledge and practice though, as well as requiring the skills and readiness to make quick, on-the-moment decisions and calculations.

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