Golf Betting Tips For Beginners

Golf is a fantastic betting sport for new bettors and veteran bettors alike. Whether you enjoy the game or are just want some fantastic betting opportunities, golf is a great sport for you.

Why Golf

Golf has a few advantages over some other sports when it comes to betting, below is highlighted a few features which make golf a great betting sport.

  • Tours – Tours like the PGA Tour are truly amazing for betting. The PGA Tour in itself spans virtually the whole year, with events on a weekly basis. This brings huge advantages when it comes to research and knowing the players. Being able to bet on one overarching tour throughout the year alone is reason enough for golf to be one of your top betting pics.
  • Consistency – golfers, if anything, are consistent. This consistency has not only the advantage of less overall research, but also adds to your research being more reliable. While history plays a major part in almost any betting sport. In golf, history alone can be taken as a great indicator to current event outcomes.
  • Players – when it comes time to do your research, team sports and sports with a lot of players can pose a lot of problems in the form of more research and a lot more variables to take into consideration. In golf, we are fortunate that these issues don’t exist. There will usually be a simple handful of players in the running to win a particular event you would like to bet on.
  • Simplicity – while golf is by no means an easy sport to play, it is easy to understand. As a bettor new to golf, the time required to learn the sport and all the related terminology is considerably less than some other complex sports.


There certainly are a lot of tournaments available to bet on in golf, however, not all are the same. For new bettors it is usually advised to stick to larger tournaments. Larger tournaments give us easier access and generally free availability to information. Below are some large tournaments any golf fan or avid bettor should be paying attention to.

  • The Masters Tournament – The first of the Major Championships tournament to be held during the year, The Masters Tournament remains one of the most prestigious events available to professional golfers.
  • The US Open – The best golfers in the US compete in the third of the event of the Majors Championship, the US Open. Present on the schedule of the PGA Tour, this is not an event to be missed.
  • The PGA Championship – Previous winners and the top of the PGA Tour have the honour of taking part in the PGA Championship. Possibly the most prestigious event available, anybody who has played in the PGA championships can be said to be amongst the top golfers in the world.

Do Your Homework

When betting on golf, research will be of the up most importance. While golf research may be easier than typical team-based sports, it should still be done in an extremely thorough manner.

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