The Game of Blackjack Online Explained

Playing blackjack online is considered a good way for new comers to the game to learn better as the software used offers a guide for players to learn the rules and intricacies of the game. There is also the option to play for free in the demo mode which does not require a deposit to made.

The first step is to find a reputable online casino offering the game. There are as many unsavoury sites as there are trusted ones and since playing blackjack online involves real money transactions and sharing of personal information, safety and protection should be the number one priority of any player looking to play on this platform.

A reputable site will offer contactable and helpful customer support and a variety of different accessible banking services. Once registration is complete players can claim welcome bonuses, make a deposit and start playing.

Beginning the Online Blackjack Game

Once a deposit is made a player needs to make a bet in order to begin playing blackjack online. The betting limits allowed for a game is set entirely at the specific online casinos discretion but there are games available for low and high limit bets.

Blackjack online can be played with single hands or multiple hands which too is up to the specific game and the casino. Bets must be placed on each hand available though and must be equal amounts. The online screen has all of the function button available for adjusting bets. Once the bet is made and finalised the deal button can be clicked on to have the cards dealt.

Playing an Online Blackjack Hand

Just like the land based version of the game, online blackjack is played against the dealer. The game is generally played with one deck of cards but this may increase with certain variations of the game. The aim is to reach a value of twenty one or come as close to it as possible with a value above the dealer’s hand. Numbered cards are worth their face value while the ace is worth either eleven points or one point. The face cards all equal ten points and getting one of them with an ace is called a blackjack hand and is the highest hand to hold.

Two cards are initially dealt face down while the dealer gets two cards with their first card face up. A decision to either hit or stick must be made depending on the two cards held. Another card is dealt if the player decides to hit and if the cards are still of a low value another card can be dealt after that. This may continue until the hand wins with a value of twenty one, the player decides to stick or the hand goes bust with a value higher than twenty one.

If the player does not go bust the dealer plays his hand. If he holds a value less than seventeen he must hit and have another card dealt. If he holds a hand with a value above seventeen he must stick. If the dealer’s hand is less than the player then the player wins. Blackjack online may get a bit more involved with certain options like splitting and doubling up.