Cash Drop Online Slot Introduced to Casino Players

The way the Cash Drop slot from IGT Gaming has been set up makes this particular online game something that is slightly different to what you may be used to. Basically, the principle is that players of the Cash Drop slot need to place wagers on the outcomes of a number of linked spinning hexagons. There are a total of 18 hexagons that form the game play area. These in turn create a total number of 20 win lines that all have the potential of creating their own winning combinations.

If it sounds a little too confusing for you, players will soon discover that the game is actually quite simple to understand and figure out. Importantly, it still offers the same opportunity for having some fun while playing, at the same time as being in line with a chance to win the Cash Drop prizes.

The hexagons that spin around each contain different fruit symbols. These fruit symbols are based on the icons that players would have seen in the original land based slot machines. Some of the Cash Drop game icons include red cherries, yellow lemons, purple grapes, watermelons, and the bell symbol. However, there are other symbols that will land on the spinning hexagons from time to time.

Colours in Cash Drop Online Slot

In addition to these game symbols, each of the Cash Drop Hexagons can appear in 1 of 3 colours. These colours are red, blue, or yellow. When each of the hexagons spins, they will rotate about an axis, and will come to stop on a particular symbol and on a particular colour.

All that you need to do in the Cash Drop online slot is land at least three matching and importantly consecutive symbols in the left to right direction, and this will reward you with a payout. The symbols and colours that form this combination, as well as the size bet you placed, will determine how big this winning combination actually is.

If you are fortunate enough in Cash Drop to land 5 of the same colours from left to right on an active win line, this will create a different winning opportunity for you. Basically this combination creates a prize of 2x your bet on each of the lines.

Cash Drop Cash Pot

Keep an eye on the cash pot accumulator, which shows on the game play interface. This online feature will show a figure, which goes up in size after each and every reaction. The cash pot accumulator results in giving you bigger payouts after each of your winning spins.

The Cash Drop slots is available at top casinos online, and is easily accessible for most players. While you are playing the slot or pokies, your winnings will be shown in a box on the screen. When you do decide you have had enough for the day, and decide you are ready to cash out, the process is quite simple. Typically, the lump sum of all your winnings can just be paid out directly via one of the withdrawal options that you choose.

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