A Guide to Playing Poker Dice Online

So if players love poker but are finding the card game a tad on the flat side, then turn to dice in this Poker dice variation. Based on the same format as regular casino poker this game instead features the top 6 ranked cards in the poker line up, represented on the faces of 5 six sided dice.

The game is played in turns and each player gets 3 rolls to form a 5 card hand. This uses the same hand rankings as classic poker, but excludes the suit related ones as the dice fail to incorporate that onto their faces. The rounds go quite quickly and hold a lot of excitement. Since players can still effect the outcome of the game by holding dice and then throwing the rest again, there is definitely some strategy behind the game.

Rules and Layout of Poker Dice

The game of Poker dice is usually played with 5 six sided dice with the top valued poker playing card symbols on their faces. These include, in ascending order, the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Played with two or more players, each player gets a turn to roll the 5 dice. Depending on the variation of the game players have the choice of rolling up to 3 times, while selecting some of the dice to hold between rolls. This is quite similar to Yahtzee, which is said to actually stem from this Poker dice game.

By locking in some of the rolled dice and then rolling the others again, players have the chance to considerably affect their odds of winning like in New Zealand online betting and to make for a competitive strategy and game. The betting takes place usually only at the beginning of each bout, where every player at the table will then place their bets and take up the dice. The hands formed through the 5 dice are compared, according to the poker rankings, and the winner collects their winnings. Sounds like quite some fun.

Card Hands Available with Poker Dice

Since the cards in this dice game are listed on the dice themselves and the game is played with 5 dice in total there is not enough range available to incorporate the card suits into the game. Therefore Poker dice is played without the flush or straight flush hands that incorporates a fully suited hand. The available hands in this poker variant are instead, and listed from bottom to top, the high card first.

In this game this is also called going bust and is actually pretty rare since there is only the 6 available card icons. Next up is the pair, followed by two pair. This is beaten by a 3 of a kind and a straight. Next up is the full house and then the 4 of a kind combination. The best hand in this form of poker is actually the 5 of a kind combination, which is obviously not available in the usual card poker variations. Quite a lot of range actually for Poker dice.